Our story
Sister’ Coffee S.r.l. is a recently established company, founded to pick up an ancient work experience. All of our partners are part of the Panichi family: Stefano, the father, rightfully boasts an unparalleled experience in the local raw coffee industry, backed by a family tradition that goes a long way back to grandfather Aldo Ciravegna who imported raw coffee from the countries of origin since the early 20th century.
Early in his youth Stefano Panichi started his professional experience in Caffè Perù S.r.l., an ancient and eminent coffee company in Rome, operating since 1948 both in the raw and roasted coffee industries. Through this first experience, Stefano got in tune with the company owner Adriano Nunes who, deeply knowing and loving the product, over twenty years passed on to him all the expertise and knowledge on the various coffee origins and sources. The numerous journeys over the production countries enriched and fulfilled his specific knowledge of the product. In the early 2000’s Stefano had the chance to personally experience the roasting process, taking over a roasting company on the Roman coast area: this activity increased his direct knowledge in the product transformation from raw to roasted, the various blends and any distinctive trait of each coffee variety. Along this path Stefano fulfilled his professional formation, acquiring a specific and detailed culture from which his customers can still uniquely benefit.
In 2002 Caffè Perù Srl handed some of its activities, including the green coffee one, over to Master Coffee Srl, a new company, still controlled by Adriano Nunes. Within this new organizational chart Stefano Panichi took over the management and supervision of the whole raw coffee sell branch, locally expanding and extensively winning the loyalty of the customer base. After ten years, within a broad process of divestment due to the seniority retirement of the owner, Master Coffee Srl transferred the raw coffee branch to Aziende Riunite Caffè Spa (ARC), Italy’s most prestigious company based in Milan. Through the acquisition of Master Coffee business activites, ARC envisaged the chance to take on the Roman and Central Italy markets thanks to the new established company MisterArc Srl. To reach a final agreement with the transferor, the Milan company set one unwaivable condition: Mr. Panichi’s participation as a partner in the newly-established transferee, a sort of guarantee of the transfer’s good outcome. After almost a full decade of achievements with MisterArc Srl, Mr. Panichi decides to transfer his whole business holdings in a new family company, establishing Sister’ Coffee Srl.